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GVP Technology, a pioneering technology organisation dedicated to revolutionising Pharmacovigilance and contributing to the welfare of global healthcare.

We are product-based software company providing technology-driven product and solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. We stand at the intersection of technology and healthcare, leveraging the power of innovation to enhance Good Pharmacovigilance Practices. We began to cater Pharma clients’ expectations aligned with regulations through a blended approach for enrichment of analytics of safety information adopting innovative technologies.

Our Vision

At the forefront of patient safety and global health, our vision is to establish a paradigm of excellence in Pharmacovigilance practices that ensures the optimal benefit-risk profile of medical products.

Our Mission

To create a safer and more transparent medical landscape by harnessing the potential of advanced technologies with ethical practices of safeguarding patient safety and confidential information.

Join us in realizing our vision and mission. Together, we can elevate Pharmacovigilance to unprecedented heights, ensuring the safety, efficacy, and integrity of medical products for generations to come.

Our Leadership

Dr. Rajkumar Nagaiah, MD

Chief Executive Officer

Dr Nagaiah is a Physician with over 21 years of rich and varied experience in pharmacovigilance working with top Pharma and Clinical Research Organisations. He is a subject matter expert in REMS, RMP, signal management, aggregated reports and risk assessment reports. He has experience in Global clinical trials as Medical monitor and involved in overseeing medical affairs. He worked as Global Head Pharmacovigilance, Director Medical and Safety Services, General Manager, Safety Physicians in global Pharmaceutical organisations and Clinical Research Organisations (CROs).

Shankar Mohan

Chief Technical Officer

After taking several positions in IT industry with corporate and startups, Shankar has Co-founded GVP Technologies Private Limited.  He heads the product team to build the system that we ensure to have more than anticipated superiority. Being it a director, product head, scrum master, cloud architect and other various roles he contributed has always helped in elevating the outcome.  The bunch of testimonials from reputed organization has proved his execution excellence in various domains. Shankar holds a Masters degree in Information Technology and certification related to technology and people management.

Dr. C. Subash Chandar, PhD

Head of Compliance

Dr. Chandar holds a Doctorate in Management studies. He has played various positions such as Professor, Data Consultant, Head of Engineering, Project Director etc., He have proven track record of successful execution of projects in nation’s prestigious institutions such as IIT Madras, IIT Ropar, Madras School of Economics, Uchchatar Avishkar Yojana etc. He has published a number of papers in journals, conference proceedings including patent publication as a coauthor with best paper award. He is an expert in data engineering and has contributed in architecture, solutioning and execution of PV Writer. He leads the project technical team

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